- Moller Plesset : super class noise music by real nice town fellows.
- Agripon : 15 years ahead Parisian nowave with Goofy’s ears.
- Morricone Youth : suggestive name, covers up to it.
- Santa Cruz : a folk collective with different lineups.


- Chez jérôme comix : the pride of Rennes independent drawers in a fanzine
- Poursuite éditions : parisian publishers of photographic works, black & white, unseemly format, great pictures, 100 g tobacco boxes, real neat!
- l'Oeil électrique : associative and independent magazine dealing with society, travels, culture.


- Canal b : rock’n roll Radio, as few in the world. Also on the web.

labels, organizations etc.

- KFuel : organizing independent music concerts in Rennes. Rather specialized in noise music but opened to all styles. Many reviews on the website.
- Kliton : organizing independent music concerts in Paris. Rather specialized in noise music but opened to all styles.
- STNT : extremely well-stocked interactive webzine.
- la galerie pache : indie label and apartment at the same time.
- Mondo Bizarro : le bon endroit pour faire du rock (in Rennes).


Another Remix
And this time, for The Sheriff to be remixed. Yeah! Sheriff Saïtam had [read more >>]

The end of the Mix
Our mix of the coming album is done. The thing is being mastered now. [read more >>]

New Recording
We have recorded the tracks of our first LP this early September (2004).
[read more >>]

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