- Morricone Hotel (MP3 from the Wanted CD)

- the ballad of Tuco (
MP3 from the Wanted CD)

- Duelling (MP3 from the live at Antipode 02/06/2004)

-la Diligencia (MP3 from the acoustic sessions at RCR radio)

-ballad (MP3 from the acoustic sessions at RCR radio)

-the Ballad of Tuco (Bew mix) (unreleased MP3)

BEW, aka BarryElectricWorkshop, is a DJ from Belfast (Northern Ireland) and also a friend. More informations about all his work on the website electrotoxic.

-the Sheriff (sheriff saitam meets cougars girls mix) (unreleased MP3)

sheriff saitam plays the bass in the band Aiwa. Cougars girls are miss H from the band Mistress Bomb H and miss S from the organization named "range ta chambre", in Rennes.



Another Remix
And this time, for The Sheriff to be remixed. Yeah! Sheriff Saïtam had [read more >>]

The end of the Mix
Our mix of the coming album is done. The thing is being mastered now. [read more >>]

New Recording
We have recorded the tracks of our first LP this early September (2004).
[read more >>]

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